Saturday, April 19, 2014


Greetings from Exeter!  The weather is beautiful and the music scene is on fire!!
My first night here I played an open mic at a local pub called, The Globe. I was greeted by the host, Emily Howard. She is an amazing singer songwriter and made me feel so welcome.

Check out her music and schedule at:
Another musician I met was Greg Hancock, singer songwriter, you can check out his music at: .
I also had the great opportunity of meeting, playing and recording with the Daddy Ho band.  Jonathon Chapman, Nathan Rosier and brother Nick Rosier, these guys Rock, they have it all together, musicianship, vocal harmonies and creativity.  It truly was an honor to sit down and play some music with them.  Check out their Facebook at:

I'm off today for a walk around the Roman wall of Exeter, should be fun and I hope you enjoy the pics!

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  1. Was great to meet you and hear you play on you grand tour! Maybe we'll get a second visit sometime! Greg