Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our first day in Rome

From Montpellier to Marseille by train did not take long. Then we hopped onto a bus to the airport.  It was very efficient and easy to do. The sun was out and the weather was a very comfortable 60.

Upon arriving in Rome we easily grabbed a cab and we were taken on a exciting ride into the center of Rome, along with a mini guided tour by our driver and a few wild driving experiences, fasten your seat belt!

Our first night in Rome was amazing, this is truly the most beautiful city I have ever been in.  Walking through the cobblestoned streets looking for a place to have dinner, Emma and I felt like we were in a movie, soft music playing, beautiful outdoor caf├ęs romantically lit, couples holding hands and families eating and laughing together.  We were enticed into a quite restaurant called, Antica Trattoria La Scantetia, Degli Artisei.  The wonderful young man that drew us in told us all about the handmade fresh pasta, he brought out a plate of all the different kinds pasta, the fresh produce and fish he bought from the local markets daily.

At his suggestion I had a savory plate of fresh spaghetti with a delicious sea filet fresh tomato basil sauce.  Emma had stuffed ravioli with ricotta cheese tossed in a creamy red pesto tomato sauce with fresh basil on top.  Accompanied with an amazing bottle of red wine, Cantina, Colle Moro.  We experienced our first of many unforgettable days in Rome.