Monday, April 28, 2014

Homeward Bound

As my last day in Europe approaches I can't help but reflect on the last 4 months. My time spent with family was unforgettable and I will miss them abundantly.  Spending the holidays with Emma and Grace was so much fun, all filled with love and a feeling of peace while with them.

Then it was on to the land of the French with Emma! Montpellier welcomed me with the sun shining, a warm breeze and the most incredible tasting (and let's not forget extremely reasonably priced) wine which had my tastebuds dancing. When I started getting bumped into and lost my personal bubble space, that's also when I realized I was in France! I met back up with my great friends Simon, Cristal and Jonathon, we had so many laughs and adventures together, such as our eventful trip to the mountains where we stayed in Pierrefiche. We traveled around, played music and they even tried to teach me how to read part of a book in French. We all couldn't stop laughing!  I'm immensely looking forward to seeing them in the USA next year and having a pickin' session reunion. C'est la vie!

Italy took Emma and I on an eternally memorable adventure, for 3 weeks we traveled around Italy. I was the driver and Emma was the navigator, it was the most harry driving I have ever endeavored! We visited our Monte Calvo roots in quiet Vieste, and stayed in the quaint, beautiful town of Peschici, where we met our new lifelong friends Enzo, Maria and Elia.  I will forever cherish the time spent with them.  They took us in, treated us like family and fed us the most amazing food in all of Italy! Since then nothing has compared to her marvelous cuisine!

After Italy I returned to Monpellier briefly, then I proceeded to Espagne! Unfortunately half way through the trip, I figured out my entry visa expired and had to run back to the boarder. I grew a few more grey hairs let me tell ya, but It all worked out and I decided to spend a few more weeks in England before heading back to the states. England greeted me with it's lush green landscape and invigorating fresh countryside breeze.

I played my songs in many venues, experienced different cultures, met multiple musicians and made lots of new friends. I cannot describe the amount of good that happened, bad and exciting. It was an experience I suggest everyone to endeavor if one is able. Explore the world, embrace new cultures, people, food and environments. It will open ones eyes more than ever. Here is a recap of pictures of an incredible adventure I will never forget.

PS  I could have never done this without the help of Emma.  She provide the emotional support, organization, technical support, filming, editing, promotion and and all around cheerleading.

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