Thursday, February 13, 2014

East to the Adriatic Sea

February 13, 2014

Emma and I left Rome with the help of GPS and headed across Italy towards the Adriatic Sea.
The journey was filled with excitement and anticipation as we really had no plan of where we were going or where we would spend the night.

As the day wore on we ventured into beautiful ancient villages where homes appeared to be built into the rock hillsides, surround by lush green rolling hills we could see farmers tending their sheep and border collies keeping them all together in what could be described as a well choreographed dance that has been going on since the beginning of time.

The rain set in late afternoon and as much as we looked we could not find a hotel or a place to spend the night.  As the day turned to night it rained so hard water was pouring over the rough roadway and to be honest I was getting a little nervous.  We managed to find our way into a town called, Manfredonia, where Emma spotted a hotel sign.  We pulled in and took the deal of 70.00 Euros that included breakfast.  When we awoke in the morning I opened the balcony door to be greeted with a spectacular, beautiful, warm sunny day as I watched the sunrise over the Adriatic Sea.  After the appetizing breakfast I picked up my banjo and played a soft tune for the sea gods! (Driving east)

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