Sunday, February 9, 2014

Buona sera!

As we near our last days in Rome I have seen and learned so many new things.
I know now how to cross a busy street without getting killed. How, you may ask? Cross whenever you want, just walk and they stop, even the police.  Seattle jay walking rules to do not apply here.

The tourist maps suck and it's very easy to get turned around and around some more, bring a compass, thank you iPhone for a great app.

The fresh handmade pasta and Italian cuisine is like no other and needs to be experienced.

The city has so much beauty at every turn, hidden down small alleyways are the most picturesque cobblestoned streets with small family run restaurants, the sounds of neighbors and families dining and laughing together coming from the homes above.  That, along with amazing smells of food being prepared creates a colorful collage of a culture not lost but alive and well.

Remember, the banjo with the case weighs around 8.2 kilos, so I've had a hard time getting my mind around hauling it around Rome.  I'll try for some pictures in the next few days.


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