Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Dan Project

Welcome to "The Dan Project".  After 22 years as a firefighter I have decided to follow my passion of the banjo and Bluegrass Music.  My mission is to play my banjo in as many different countries as possible, meet as many people as I can and spread the love of bluegraass music and the banjo around the world.

My trip will begin on December 18, 2013.  I fly to London England where I will connect with my two beautiful daughters and extended family to celebrate the holidays.  I will also be celebrating my
 father in laws 80th birthday.  This will truly be a joyous reunion for us all.

The South of France will be my next stop... stay tuned


  1. What a fun mission to have. I am so excited for you in this adventure and I will miss you like crazy!
    I will be following your progress, so please post often!

  2. We, too, will miss you, Dano, but we want you to have all the fun you deserve! (Gary says that won't be much fun....that Gary!!!) xoxo

  3. Linda and I look forward to vicariously traveling through you! Wish we could go with you and listen to your world-class banjo playing!

  4. Missing you like hell here already.

  5. Never let the excitement of your destination obscure the beauty of the journey...can't wait to hear about yours!